Interesting Persuasive Speech Topics - 2022 Ideas

May 10, 2022

Students face a lot of pressure while thinking about some interesting topics for their persuasive speech and most of them end up getting help from an expert essay writer.

Don’t worry. It is not as difficult as you think. You only have to be realistic and do the necessary research before settling with a specific topic.

Most students often get confused with the concept of selecting an interesting topic and thus, hire an essay writer.

To help and guide you towards success, we have also prepared the lists of some good persuasive speech topics or you can also choose from   free essay writer. They are classified according to the field and subject matter. Use them as it is or modify them according to your preference.

  1.      Exchange programs make the students more appreciative of the world.
  2.      Working part-time on weekends should not be made compulsory.
  3.      Introverts are the best motivational speakers.
  4.      Most of the modern youth have addictive personalities.
  5.      Schools should not allow religious discussions.
  6.      Learning at least three foreign languages must be made mandatory for the students.
  7.      Writing research papers is a better way of learning.
  8.      Money cannot buy you happiness.
  9.      Positive thinking makes life much easier and happier.
  10.  Violent video games should be banned.
  11.  College education must be free for students with poor family backgrounds.
  12.  Mass shootings can never be justified.
  13.  Bragging about expensive possessions depicts immorality.
  14.  The tax rate should be double for rich people.
  15.  Mental health counseling must be regularly provided to the high school and college students.
  16.  Classrooms should have a background so that the students can focus better.
  17.  Should athletes be paid less?
  18.  Cell phones must not be allowed during lectures.
  19.  Nuclear disarmament is necessary to restore world peace.
  20. Governments should increase the salaries of single parents than other employees
  21.  Cyberbullying is the major cause of suicide.
  22.  Stalkers should be sentenced to life in prison.
  23.  Modified food products are less nutritious than natural products.
  24.  Abortion deteriorates women’s health.
  25.  Everyone should donate blood at least once in their life.
  26.  The media should not promote beauty standards.
  27.  Coeducation makes students more competitive.
  28.  Patrol police must always have loaded weapons.
  29.  Bullies in schools and colleges should be rusticated.
  30.  A helmet should be made mandatory for bike riders.
  31.  Homosexuals should be treated equally in educational institutes.
  32.  Unpaid internships should be banned.
  33.  Online teaching is not as constructive as regular teaching.
  34.  Energy drinks do not provide energy at all.
  35.  Watching television is more beneficial than reading books.
  36.  Senior citizens must be provided with free health benefits and transport facilities.
  37.  “Me time” is necessary to selfheal and restore energy.
  38.  Confidence is the key to success.
  39.  Urban life is more tiring and energy-consuming.
  40.  The first impression is the last impression. How?
  41.  Never add your parents on Facebook.
  42.  Guys are more interested in gossip than girls.
  43.  Girls are more interested in diamonds than makeup.
  44.  Horoscopes make your life troublesome.
  45.  College players must be treated as professional players.
  46.  Drug tests should be compulsory for all cricket players.
  47.  Society is less interested in women's sports as compared to men.
  48.  Team names must not reflect a particular ethnic and cultural affiliation.
  49.  Sports means depicting your limit and not winning or defeating.
  50.  The healthcare system worldwide needs to be revolutionized.
  51.  Fast food does more harm than good.
  52.  Robots cannot replace human beings.
  53.  Technology has isolated people instead of connecting them.
  54.  Sleepwalking should be treated well and should not be ignored.
  55.  Technological advancement has increased employment opportunities.

Students can use these above-mentioned ideas for their own essays. If you still find any difficulty in finding a great topic, going for an professional essay writer is always available.

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